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Personalised Funerals

Let Our Staff Create

A Special Memory

Our youthful, yet experienced staff can help create a personalized funeral service that is both individual and meaningful for relatives and friends.

We’ll come up with just the right plan for your

Family’s particular situation


We use memory boards and easels to display photos recalling cherished memories are often desired. The enlargement of photographs to as large as life-size.

Music and Moods

We can arrange for musicians to perform during the service, or simply play a CD or cassette recording on our state of the art music system. We also offer Satellite Radio in our location.

Ways We Can Personalize

We understand the uniqueness and character of your loved ones. We will suggest ways of bringing the spirit and essence of the deceased into the service.

The creativity and individual expression that is

Possible is Limitless

Personalised interiors in the casket of different fabrics and colors.

The use of floral arrangements creatively designed and arranged.

Personalized interiors in the casket of different fabrics and colors.

Video and audio taping of a memorial service is available to preserve the words and anecdotes of family and friends.

An option of having an online memorial to ensure the funeral service won't be missed by family and friends who wish to pay there respects

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